Mews family

Giving feels good at any age, any amount. Ian and Luke Mews make it a priority to give some of their own money to the hospital every year.

A few years ago, around the holidays, Ian and Luke Mews told their parents, Tom and Carrie, that they wanted to do something for patients at Westfields Hospital & Clinic who can’t afford their medical expenses. After talking with the foundation director, they decided to donate a portion of their savings to the patient care fund.

Our philosophy is that no gift is too small to make a difference in someone’s life.  The first year their funds were used to purchase clothing for ED patients who may have been in an accident or have a broken leg and are not able to go home wearing the clothes they had on when they came in to the hospital.  Unisex clothing was purchased so that our patients can return home with dignity.

The following year the boy’s donations helped purchase fabric to make blankets for children who were having surgery.  The blankets are made by staff and volunteers and the children can take the blanket home with them following surgery or a hospital stay.  These are just a couple example of how the patient care fund is used and how everyone, young or old, can make a difference.